March 20, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

     I first want to tell you how proud I am of our school community!!! These are trying times, to say the least. I am reaching out to you so we can continue to monitor the progress of your daughter/son. Our administrators, teachers, counselors and school employees care for the progress of each and every student academically and socially. It is very hard to assess how our students are doing on a daily basis when we do not get to see them. I want to make sure that all lines of communication stay open between the school and you as a parent/guardian. If you have frustrations with what is going on or you see your son or daughter having frustrations, please let us know. 

We want to continue to educate and nurture our K-12 students and help them get through this difficult time in our world today. Please feel free to reach out via email or a phone call with your daughter’s/son’s teacher, administrator, or counselor. If, for some reason, you cannot get a hold of them, do not hesitate to call me. I will be in the office from 8-2 everyday while we are out of session. I may not be able to answer your question, but I will get you in contact with the appropriate person to assist you. The phone number for the Central office is 660-277-4429. 

I hope this time passes very quickly and everybody stays healthy and strong. I am looking forward to resuming school on April 6, 2020, and returning to a normal school year. Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe!


Mike Nagel

Westran RI Superintendent